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From the past year

Dr. Tom Thompson receives his 10th degree black belt promotion from Keith Yates and Mike Proctor on October 2, 2021.


Front row: Jeremy Ledesma (2 dan), Drake Pledger (3 dan), Alexis Romero, James Trimmell, Daniel Cohen, Tim Meeks, and Daniel Trimmell (all to 2 dan).

Dr. Yates receives his PhD from Col. Cory Britcher, Dr. John Russel and Dr. Kent Haralson


Karate legends Jim Harrison, Keith Yates, and Bill "Superfoot" Wallace at the American Karate Black Belt Assoc's huge promotional event on November 16. Mr. Yates is also the Chairman of the Board of the AKBBA.


Dr. Tedd Mitchell was promoted to 5th dan black belt by Tom Thompson, Allen Steen, Mike Proctor and Keith Yates on 10/24/19.


Jimm McMurray, Karen Eden Herdman, Keith Yates at the Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame in July 2019.


Mr. Yates receiving his "Legends" award for 50 years in the arts, June in Las Vegas.


Mr. Yates with Ninjitsu legend Stephen Hayes and Jessie Bowen at the Hall of Fame awards.


Keith Yates, Bob Woerner, Tony Tempesta, Mike Proctor, Larry Wheeler and Tony Kaufman celebrate Mr. Woerner's 50 years in the martial arts.


Dick Strom receives his 9th Dan from Mike Proctor, Keith Yates and Larry Wheeler.


Mr. Yates with Mr. Norris and Mr. Steen on May 5, 2018.


Chuck and Gina Norris pose with Keith Yates before the service for Jhoon Rhee.

Arriving in DC, on a private jet for Jhoon Rhee's memorial service. Jamie Cashion, Keith Yates, Allen Steen, Gina and Chuck Norris, Pat Burleson, Ted Gambordella.


Mr.s Kurban, Yates, and Steen at the 2018 AKATO Banquet

Black Belts line up to honor Mr. Yates


In Las Vegas with Mr. Yates, Tayari Cassel, Jeff Smith, Joe Corley, Dennis Brown.


Mr. Yates with Don Mullins and proud big brother Skipper Mullins.


Keith Yates with other martial arts pioneers and champions, Roy Kurban, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, and Jeff Smith, at a special weekend in Durant, OK, in February 2019.