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Black Belt Exam—Several AKATO schools will hold a joint black belt exam at the Richardson YMCA on May 19, at 10:30am.

The 2018 AKATO seminars and banquet on March 17, was a great success. Sixty participants in the seminars started the day off with a bang. Mr. Yates, Mr. Kelly Cox, and Mr. Oliver Martinez all gave excellent classes and received rave reviews from students and black belts alike. The evening banquet was one of the best we have ever had with almost 200 guests which included Grandmasters Allen Steen (the founder of Texas Karate) and Roy Kurban (a past Black Belt Magazine Man of the Year). Almost sixty of Mr. Yates's own black belts (and black belts who have benefited from his teachings) came to honor him on this special night. Of course, the AKATO Student of the Year Awards were also presented (see the photo page).
Renbudo Karate: James Murphy
Disciples Making Disciples: Malachi Kongpayabel
Axe Methodist Church: Allie Knagg
Hands On Karate: Lauren Cisnero
Plano YMCA: Vidyuth Srinivasan
Richardson YMCA (Tues): Michael Lawler
Richardson YMCA (Sat): Martin Davila
Richardson YMCA (Little Dragons): Emmett Ross
Lake Highlands YMCA: JaNessia Carhee
North Texas Karate: Mike Vaughn
Alpha SelfDefense: Ryan DeArmond
Dension Family Karate: Sarah Heinen
Bonstaff TKD: Logan Coates
Iss Hogan: Christopher Fowler
American Karate CA: Jack Hardacre
Dragon School TKD: Caitlin Pennell
Cypress MA: Joseph Block
Marudo Karate: Anh Nguyen

NEW FORMS BOOK NOW AVAILABLE—Mr. Yates's 2018 version of The Complete Book of Tae Kwon Do Forms is here! Containing all the patterns the AKATO uses in its American Tae Kwon Do curriculum (including the three Tang Soo Do forms) as well as history of the art in the United States, this is another must-have textbook for the serious student. On the inside back cover you will find a code to download and unlock the "Basic" version of the smartphone APP which includes the first five forms and applications of some of the movements.
WE ARE CURRENTLY SHOOTING videos for the "Premium" version of the APP which will have ALL the forms. Stay tuned for that.

New Nam Seo Kwan black belts—The September 9, 2017, black belt promotion saw three candidates promoted to black belt. Mark Harris, Kevin and Liane Buckley all survived the forms, ones-steps, self-defense, board breaking and multiple sparring to earn their first dan black belts. Congratulations to these three outstanding martial artists. See the picture on the current photo page.

And don't forget the
BLACK BELT WORKOUTS on the third Saturday of the month at the Richardson YMCA from 12:30 to 2 pm (after the regular Saturday morning class for lower belts). You'll pay a five dollar fee to the YMCA as a donation to their scholarship fund.

Keith Yates Inducted into Hall of Fame
Although Mr. Yates is in several Halls of Fame, this one is special. The Martial Arts History Museum in Los Angeles only inducts ten individuals every year (not 200 like some of those halls). This year was Pat Burleson: the first national karate champion (and an AKATO advisor), Gina Carano: MMA superstar turned Hollywood actor, George Chung: internationally known kata champion, Donn Draeger: author and historian, Pat Johnson: champion and one of Chuck Norris's first black belts, Pat Morita: Mister Miyagi from the Karate Kid movies, Steven Lopez: the first man to win an Olympic gold medal in taekwondo, Frank Shamrock: MMA legend, Gogen Yamaguchi (the "cat"): famous founder of the goji-kai in Japan, and our own Keith D. Yates, founder of the AKATO.
Mr. Yates traveled to Los Angeles in July to not only visit the MA History Museum but to attend the Dragonfest 2016. Here is who else was in this class of inductees. See more photos from Mr. Yates's California trip on the gallery page.

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