Since 1976

Check out Keith Yates' YouTube page for the patterns for American Tae Kwon Do. You'll also find several other videos on history, philosophy and training. For example, here's James Trimmel doing the form for yellow belt.

Vidyuth Srinivasan and Lauren Cisneros earned black belts on June 12 from Ysabel Merhout's Hands On Karate in Garland, Tx.

In March AKATO promoted these new black belts at an exam at the Richardson YMCA. Tom Pledger, Jackson Buckley, and Rob Desmarais earned first dan. Ginny Tyler and Caleb Skipper advanced to 4th dan. Teresa Trimmell earned her first gup brown belt and Ethan Pledger his third.

Several AKATO black belts received higher ranks at an impressive examination on October 2. Jeremy Ledesma (2 dan), Drake Pledger (3 dan), Alexis Romero, James Trimmell, Daniel Cohen, Tim Meeks, and Daniel Trimmell (all to 2 dan). Tim Looney and Buddy Matthews were promoted to 8th dan by Keith Yates and a special promotion was made to Dr. Tom Thompson to the rank of 10th dan black belt. Congratulations to all.

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