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July 2013

Kata Video

This is pretty funny. A robot doing “chulgi” (or tekki).
Alright not sure to embed a video. This is the link.

How to raise a Delinquent

1. When he is a toddler give him whatever he wants when he cries for it so he will grow up to believe the best way to get what he wants is to demand it.
2. When he picks up bad words and hits his brother, laugh at him. This will make him think it is not only OK but even cute to misbehave.
3. Avoid the use of the word “wrong,” believing it might develop a guilt complex. Later, when he is caught stealing he will think society is against him and he is being unfairly persecuted.
4. Believing that denial leads to frustration, give him loads of presents that he’ll just forget days after Christmas or his birthday. And buy him stuff at the store whenever he asks for it too. He’ll come to believe he is owed whatever he desires.
5. When he doesn’t pick up after himself go ahead and do it for him. That way he will be experienced in thrusting responsibility onto others.
6. Speaking of responsibility, take his side against neighbors, teachers, even the police.
7. Let him watch R-rated movies with you thinking he won’t understand. He can more quickly learn about bad words, treating women as objects and violence as a way to get what he wants.
8. When you say, “You’re going to get a spanking (sent to you room, timeout, etc),” don’t follow-up. That way he’ll learn that consequences seldom follow bad behavior. Oh, and start putting some money aside now in a fund for bail money when he’s a teenager.
9. Quarrel frequently in front of him. He’ll learn that is the best way to deal with conflict and so he won’t be too shocked when you get a divorce later.
10. Finally, don’t take him to church saying you want him to decide for himself if there is a higher moral authority later in life. The best conversions happen in prison anyway.

Culled from
The Tale of the Tardy Oxcart, Charles Swindoll, and Encyclopedia of 7700 Illustrations, Paul Lee Tan.